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MAS approached Render Studio to produce several Computer Generated Images (CGI) and Virtual Reality (VR) for The Soak, Grosvenor Hotel, London. Blair and the team provide the perfect experience for clients who wish to gain a sense of how a space will look and feel, regardless of the projects scale. On occasions, they can purchase basic models where they can adapt all materials and lighting but at other times, clients request bespoke furniture, materials, hardware and they are able to model this from scratch to perfectly replicate it. Generally, they can do this from photographs, though physical samples and design drawings are useful.

About Render Studio
Blair Porter founded Render Studio in 2010 and is supported by a very highly talented team. Blair previously worked in Architecture, appreciating the importance of providing precise and consistent information in both drawings and visuals. His passion for taking drawings and turning them into photo realistic visuals is apparent when providing the latest CGI’s for The Soak.

Render Studio share their involvement in The Soak:

“We teamed up with MAS to create the interior space of The Soak in photo realistic quality visuals. The renders, along with the Virtual reality, enabled MAS to achieve inter sign off from the client. It was helpful to engage with MAS as the earliest possible time during the development as it provided us with an understanding of the look and feel they wanted to achieve whilst giving us plenty of time to model specific elements if required.

  1. The CGI visual is a great representation of the Bar & Gantry. It shows the warm welcome we hoped to achieve when selecting the finishes. The neon signage is captured beautifully, illuminating the existing columns and mild steel gantry anchoring the bar.

  2. The curved booths and arching light sculpture is a key feature within the Restaurant Area . The CGI assured us that the scale of the sculpture worked, the lighting levels created the right ambience and that the velvet offered a luxurious look & feel.

Blair continues:

“When creating a render, it is important for us to work with the interior design team who understands the process of what we do and collaborates with us to ensure the client receives the most photo realistic renders as possible. Major consideration is given to the lighting, materials and image composition - we feel these elements are the main differences between a good and great render.” For The Soak, we worked on renders for around 4-5 weeks, generally, that is an ideal time frame for a project of this size. It allows us to gather feedback from the client and make any necessary amendments as well as giving us time to perfect the renders.”

3 & 4 - The images above demonstrate how photo realistic the CGI visuals are in comparison to the image taken by Lifestyle Photographer Franklin & Franklin. Providing high quality visuals to the client allows them to feel re-assured knowing that interior design will reflect the visuals.

As designers, we constantly strive for renew concepts and ideas to introduce to our projects. Our vision for The Soak was no different and Render Studio provided a preview of how these custom pieces would have impact the space:

5 - A broken bust with flowers and foliage creates an interesting but unusual piece of art, positioned behind a metal gauze screen and featured within the gantry. The foliage reflects the herbs used in the classic cocktails served and the busts hark back to the Victorian Era.
6 - An alternative option to Image 5 was retaining the entirety of the bust but distort the face by creating painted brush strokes.

We look forward to collaborating with Render Studio in the future as their passion to adapt and stay abreast with latest technology is inspirational.

MAS were a pleasure to work with as they kept us up to date with amendments and saw us an extension of their team for the project.
— Blair Porter

If you wish to view more of Render Studios work, you can visit their website:

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