Elegant Clutter



MAS once again joined forces with the team at Elegant Clutter to design creative, custom pieces of art that would sit proudly on the walls of The Soak. The collaboration came after working together on the Tea Lounge which is also situated within the grand Grosvenor Hotel.

About Elegant Clutter

Elegant Clutter offers the hospitality industry with leading craft, technology and design techniques, creating limitless customer pieces of art works and sculptures. Such art can help create atmospheric interiors whilst strengthening companies’ brands. They provide a ‘complete artwork service; design, manufacture and installation’ for each project.


Elegant Clutter discuss their involvement in The Soak:

“MAS provided us with a clear brief: to capture the juxtaposition between period art and contemporary art, brought to life using modern application and techniques. Each piece was designed to be unique, showcasing different textures, movement and small fine details, visible to the keen eye.”

What was the process?

In the early stages of the process, it was essential that Elegant Clutter suggested an appropriate subject matter for the multiple pieces of art that would be fitting for ‘The Soak.’ The artwork had to suit each space as well as reflecting similar themes. Once this was communicated with the team at MAS and GLH, Elegant Clutter were able to continue developing the brief through the exploration of various techniques, styles and artwork narratives.

Artwork and Busts

Elegant Clutter reveals the completed pieces of artwork and sculptures:

Space: Lounge Area / Private Dining Area
Object: 2no Large Antique Mirrors
Specification: Antique Mirror

The mirrors were made by hand and split into panels - to then be installed within one moulding to create one grand mirror.

Space: Restaurant
Object: 3no Artworks
Specification: Printed Metal Panel

A modern take on the traditional portrait painting where the subject was digitally directly onto the metal panel. Bright and colourful flowers were introduced to hie the subjects face, reflecting the florals and foliage found in the bar area. Elegant Clutter also experimented with a hand painted option too.

Space: Bar Area
Object: 2no Large Gilt Frames with Portraits
Specification: Digitally and Hand Painted

Large gilt framed canvas portraits were a modern twist on traditional portraiture, digitally enhanced with small detailing and overlaid with modern paint effects, then printed directly onto the canvas and sealed with an Impasto finish. Neon lighting was installed behind the artwork to help create a fun atmosphere during the evening.

Space: Bar Area
Object: 3no Illuminated 3d Busts
Specification: Gauze Screen

The 3D busts were created by Elegant Clutter 3D Studio. These were presented behind large shark’s tooth gauze screens to give ambience and interest to the pieces. The busts were planted with foliage and flowers, giving them their own character and identity.

All pieces outlined above are bespoke and designed in house in the workshop by the Elegant Clutter team.

Lauren Dargo